HNSSearch launching soon.

Your window into the dweb; indexing the New Internet one name at a time.

The public beta for HNSSearch ended on the 19th of December 2021 and HNSSearch is now being prepared for its release. Find out more about HNSSearch, its features and how you can contribute.



Slogan: Your window into the dweb

HNSSearch is a search engine that exclusively indexes Handshake websites and that does not track any user or traffic information. The first beta went live in February 2021 with the official launch of Version 1 on the 28th of February. The shield in the logo of HNSSearch is a representation of the commitment to protect the privacy of its users by not gathering any information. Results are based on search queries and not previous searches and are provided with search as you type.


Core features of HNSSearch

  • Open Source

    All code of HNSSearch will be open sourced. That includes the frontend, backend as well as the web crawler LINDA (Living Indexer Navigating Decentralized Assets). The site index will also be made publicly available.

  • Shortcuts

    Shortcuts can be used by entering the shortcut followed by a space and the search query (for example !nb hnssearch). By then pressing enter, the search query will be sent to the desired website and a new tab opens.

  • Decentralized

    HNSSearch is making an effort in driving the decentralization of the internet by using dweb services. The Website is hosted on Handshake, the front end is hosted on Sia Skynet and computing is done with the first decentralized cloud Akash.

  • Search as you type

    Search as you type provides search results with each keystroke and finds the best match for the search term. Each search is a new search and not influenced by previous search queries and the results are listed by accuracy and no other ranking metric.


There are many different ways that you can help us out. Anything you can do to support HNSSearch is a blessing for us and we are thankful for any way that you can contribute.

  • Twitter

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    Spread the love
    Tell us what features you wish for

  • GitHub

    Follow us on GitHub
    Review code once published
    Create Pull Requests

HNSSearch is being built by developers in their spare time. All developers have full-time jobs and any contribution made is highly appreciated and can help cover the development and hosting cost. We truly appreciate your support and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.





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